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M81 Bode Galaxy M82 Cigar Galaxy

Another galaxy harvest. This time were captured two galaxies in one shot. The spiral one on the right is called Bode Galaxy and on the left Cigar Galaxy. They are located in constellation Ursa Major (Great Bear) and they are proximately 12 million light-years away from us. Even though their centers are quite far from each other (300 thousands light-years), they interact with each other and the smaller one (Cigar) was deformed by tidal forces caused by gravity. Previous picture didn’t reveal such details.

M81 Bode galaxy, M82 Cigar galaxy

This galaxy was discovered by Mr. Bode long time ago in 1774. It’s located 12 million light years from Earth in constellation Ursa Major (Great Bear). This galaxy has a neighbor Cigar galaxy M81 (left).