About me

Hi and welcome to my astroblog! My name is Jakub and here I like to share some of the outcomes of my hobby – astrophotography. It started in 2014 when I was waiting for my wife to come home from her late shift on our terrace. The moon was shining and I got the idea to take a picture of the Moon and its craters. OK, so I need a lens with a long focal length for my DSLR and I found out that these lenses are pretty expensive and sometimes so expensive just like the whole telescope with mount. So I did some research (very “scientific” on YouTube) and some guys like Forest Tanaka or Doug Hubbell helped me to decide. So I bought my first Newtonian telescope and equatorial mount, attached my DSLR camera and I was hooked.

First I started with the Moon, which is quite a simple object to photograph, but the pictures were so good and I saw a lot of details on the surface of the Moon. These pictures of the Moon encouraged me to keep going and try planetary imaging like Jupiter or Saturn. Then I slowly moved to deep space objects like nebulae or galaxies.

After one year of collecting the photons on my CCD chip, I decided to share my results here.