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M104 Sombrero galaxy

The spring is a season of the galaxies. Winter nebulae are gone and constellations Lion, Ursa Major or Virgo are offering stunning deep space objects. The moon was hidden and the wetter finally good, so I took to opportunity and pointed my telescope into the constellation Virgo and collected some light coming from Sombrero galaxy, which has been on the way 32 million years. This galaxy looks like a Mexican hut, because it’s surrounded by dust belt. This is my second attempt to capture M104. First one, two years ago, was not that successful. Anyway, it’s better than last time, but I still cannot get to the quality of Hubble Space Telescope. However my equipment has better price/performance ratio 🙂

M104 Sombrero galaxy

This galaxy looks like Mexican hat, therefore it’s called Sombrero. It’s approximately 28 million light years away from Earth, located in the constellation Virgo. Giant cloud of dust surrounds the galaxy and blocks the light coming from the stars located inside the ring. This makes the galaxy very unique and photogenic. In my opinion, the best picture taken by Hubble space telescope is Sombrero galaxy.

The picture I took has not that high quality, because of triangular stars, which are caused by overtightened primary mirror. Probably in 2016 I will have to photograph this galaxy again.