IC5146, sometimes called Cocoon Nebula, is an emissive nebula located in constellation Cygnus. Central star in the nebula is responsible for the excitation of the surrounding hydrogen gas. On the picture is also captured dark nebula Barnard 168, which creates the strip and it looks like the Cocoon Nebula has a tail.

Technical details:

TelescopeNewton 150/600 mm
Aperture150 mm
Focal length660 mm
MountiOptron CEM25P
AutoguidingQHYCCD miniGuideScope 130 mm f/4.3, ZWO 174 MM
CameraZWO 071 Pro @-10C
CorrectorExplore Scientific HR coma corrector
FiltersAstronomik L-1 - UV IR Block Filter
Exposure43x300s, Gain 134, bin 1x1,