IC 4592, also known as the Blue Horsehead Nebula, is a stunning region of dust and gas located in the constellation Scorpius, about 4000 light-years away from Earth. The nebula gets its name from the shape of its central dark cloud, which appears to resemble the head of a horse. The blue color of the nebula comes from the reflection of light from nearby stars (Nu Scorpii) off of the dust particles in the cloud.

TelescopeWilliam Optics RedCat 51/250 f4.9
Aperture51 mm
Focal length250 mm
MountiOptron Skyguider Pro
AutoguidingZWO 178MM, QHY Mini Guide Scope 30/130 mm
CameraZWO ASI071 MC Pro @-10 °C
Exposure50x180s, Gain 95