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M5 Globular Cluster

M5 is a globular cluster discovered by Gottfried Kirch and Maria Margarethe Kirch in 1702. It’s located in constellation Serpens and it’s 24500 light-years far from the Solar System. This globular cluster has diameter 165 light-years and contains more than 100 000 stars, which makes it one of the biggest globular cluster in our Milky Way galaxy.

M15 Globular cluster in Pegasus

Globular cluster in Pegasus is very far from Earth, specifically 33 600 light years and its diameter is approximately 175 light years. It contains more than 100 000 stars.

Most of the globular clusters are quite bright (M15 has magnitude 6.2), therefore there is no long exposure required. On the other hand longer exposures might overexpose the core, therefore I selected exposure time to 2 minutes.


M13 Great globular cluster in Hercules

Great globular cluster in Hercules is huge, it contains approximately 300 000 stars and it has about 145 light years in diameter and it is 25 thousands of light years away from the solar system. In 1974 a message from Earth was sent to M13 inhabitants, but due to the speed of light will be received after 24,959 years (Arecibo message).


M92 Globular Cluster in Hercules

Constellation Hercules contains two globular clusters. First one is spectacular Great Globular Cluster M13 and its smaller brother M92. However, the smaller one is one of the brightest and the oldest globular cluster in our galaxy. It’s 26 700 light-years away from the Solar System and it contain 250 000 stars.